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Are you thinking about buying a home security safe for the valuables you have? Safes protect your most precious valuables both from thieves and disasters. When you buy a fireproof safe what you are doing is buying time, because what a thief wants is to get in and out quickly and a floor safes are a deterrent in that regard. Most homes that are robbed are done with a quick get away, that way they won’t get caught as most homes are burglarized between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The objective of the thief is to get in and out quickly, before the police arrive or the activation of the home security device, or before a neighbor can get to the police. Purchasing a wall safe will complement your home security alarm and protects your most valuable items. A home safe is a deterrent for these thieves. When thieves see a floor safe, they usually leave and don’t take anything. Why? Well, its probably psychological, a thief thinks that anything worth taking is in the safe and they don’t have the time or the tools to deal with it. Protection from the Elements There is another very important reason why getting a fireproof safe may be an excellent option for you. A fireproof depository safe can protect your important valuables, like cash, jewelry and important documents from fire. If you buy a fire lined safe you may be able to save all of those important things to you need to keep. When buying a safe you need to know that different safes have different fire ratings. The basic home safe has a rating of 1200 degrees, which will protect it for about 20 minutes, but there are other safes with other fire linings that can give you higher protection, some of even up to two hours. Contact us immediately so that we can secure your most valuable belongings today!