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Top Tips About Your Locks and Your Security
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  1. There is no lock or security device on the market that is guaranteed burglar proof or pick proof; only burglar or pick resistant. With enough time, any lock can be opened by someone not authorized to do so. What you are buying is time. The more security you have, the more time it will take someone or something to break into your home, business or automobile, making you a less attractive target.

  2. Locks are only as secure as the door or frame they are affixed to.

  3. Give a key or combination to your home, alarm or safe only to a trusted friend, relative or building employee. Renters often must assume responsibility for the door, locks, etc. in an emergency when the landlord needs access.

  4. A burglar alarm is just a deterrent, it does not keep out an intruder. An alarm – whether it is noisy enough to wake the neighbors or a silent alarm -- only notifies someone an intruder has been detected. Unfortunately, by the time law enforcement or private agencies respond, the intruder usually has enough time to ransack your property and get away.

  5. When a lock is picked, the cylinder is compromised inside without visible signs of tampering outside. High security locks are your best deterrent.

  6. A safe is designed to protect its contents against a variety of forces. Consider the types of protection you require before making a purchase, such as a fire-retardant safe for your valuable documents.

  7. An intruder usually "stakes out" a target of least resistance. If your neighbor has better security, you are more likely to be the victim.

  8. Studies indicate that a good, high security lock on your door is the best deterrent against burglaries. It is not true that a good lock on your door signals to potential intruders that your premises must contain something of value worth stealing.

  9. Always request identification from service or utility workers before opening your door.

  10. Don’t get carried away. It is true that two locks are better than one, however, when in doubt refer back to the first two rules. Only a security professional can best determine what is necessary for your protection.

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